july 17, 2018

Anderson, Indiana, Tuesday, July 17 - Raphaël Lessard clinches his second win of the season during the 52ndParallax Power Supply RedBud 400at the Anderson Speedway, in Anderson Indiana. It is during a 400-lap race in the ARCA/CRAseries that Lessard imposed himself at the front of the field for the entire event.

The qualifying session was cancelled due to rain, and the starting positions were set by the practice time. The Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce native didn't stay long in the 12thspot as he made his way up the field and in the Top 3 after only 53 laps.

The Toyota Camry #51 FRL Express/Mobil 1/Toyota prepared by Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM) was powerful during the race, even though it was hard to tell as Lessard was clocking flying laps. The team worked very hard to improve the car during the caution flags.

The many caution flags during the evening didn't faze Raphaël Lessard who had one goal: to win the RedBud 400, a race he should have won last year.

Nonetheless, it wasn't an easy win for the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) driver who had to assert his place in the leading pack. Always respectful but without giving away his position, Lessard was the center of the show many times during this 400-lap race.

Lessard was finally able to lead the field at the 283-lap mark. Running away from his competitors, he had more than 1 second over the second car.

However, the last caution flag came out, and the restart was given with only four laps to go, which proved to be another challenge from Lessard. Even though Stephen Nasse gained a little advantage during the restart, Lessard was soon back in his leading position and went on to win the race with time to spare.

"It was an action-packed race!" said Raphaël. "The Kyle Busch Motorsports team worked very hard to give me a great car to pursue my second win of the season. My main goal was to win the race, but my second goal was to stay on the track and out of danger. I would like to thank my sponsors Mobil 1, FRL Express, Toyota and Kyle Busch Motorsports. I also want to thank my parents who cheer on me at every race, my investors without whom I wouldn't be able to race, my agent Robert Desrosiers and all of you who came out to La Cage Brasserie Sportive and Resto l'Express to watch the race. Thank you to all my fans! The race might have been delayed, but I think the show we put on was worth the wait."

At the request of several of his fans, Raphael set up a fundraising campaign. Go to this link to find out more and support Raphael:

Next Race: Raphaël's next race will be at the Hickory Motor Speedway, in Newton, North Carolina on August 4thduring the Throwback 276in the CARS Tour series.